Piametrics provides tailored economic analysis for partnered projects at local, national and international level.

Piametrics specialises in independent project evaluation. This ranges from forward-looking due diligence analysis for private equity investment to the economic and social impact assessment of the social and private costs and benefits of proposed and existing public projects. It also includes audit for those public projects concerned with structuring private incentives and efficiently monitoring the delivery of public goods through public private partnerships and involving private finance.


Government is most effective, and persuasive about the value of its contribution, when it can lever social and economic benefits in a way that shows the public gain sought does not generate unforeseen or unacceptable consequences. These would usually counteract the long run social and economic objectives intended by them. The best outcomes are likely achieved with early and active partnership with the private sector taking place within a framework in which there are beneficial efficiency and risk management gains and these are seen to be equitably distributed. The partnership needs to be clearly and carefully framed for both parties so that uncertainties are reduced, incentives and private and social returns are well aligned and that delivery is, and seen to be, properly and objectively assessed and audited to demonstrate net public gain over time.

Piametrics' forward-looking impact analysis is focussed on the delivery of practical guidance to inform actions by decision-makers individually and in partnership:

  • Framing risk-based impact analysis for detailed objective evaluation of the economic and social returns for projects especially those involving private management and delivery of public goods and services.
  • Formulating transparent and cost-effective metrics for measuring social net benefit and economic impact of public private/partnered projects.
  • Delivering due diligence assessment of the rate and balance of financial returns to inform the financial engagement of project partners.
  • Implementing process and outcome monitoring metrics to facilitate audit.


The returns to private investment are often substantially impacted upon by government actions or decisions. Failure to take account of this can deliver unexpectedly poor economic returns for your business. Our niche expertise can explore:

  • Due diligence analysis of risks and returns for partners in private equity ventures.
  • Independent analysis of novel financial investment vehicles for the delivery of public interest goods and services.
  • Independent assessment of impact and financial returns for use in expert evidence submission to public enquiries.


Piametrics specialises in problem framing and solving to aid decision-making. We can contract to deliver project teams, leadership and niche expertise or work in a collaborative role to structure understanding of the issue you are addressing and recommend a delivery vehicle to bring practical solutions through:

  • Project definition
  • Niche expert team assembly and coordination.
  • Client communication protocols
  • Shaping and delivery of research findings for different audiences.

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